Fish report for May 5th and 6th

  I have been fishing for the last couple of days trying to hone in on the salmon, and learn how to work my new electronic toy’s.  Just want to say right now, fishing is much easier, lol.  Fish are around, I haven’t really given my full effort, because I have been taking friends that I owe favors to that wanted to go fishing, and I have been playing with the remote control of the auto pilot.  However, there is sucess in our trips.  Everyone is having fun and returning with fish.  I feel ready to get serious and strart slaying the salmon.  Halibut have been a blank for those who have tried and weather hasn’t permitted us to go down to the cape yet.   I will post every day I fish as long as I can muster the energy.  I want to give Arron Libow special thanks for not only being a great friend, but for building me the new rail around the back of the boat.  Everything is so dialed in and looks great too! Thanks buddy, no way it could have happened without you, even if you didn’t like the idea of where I wanted my down riggers.  I am able to put out six rods and the spread is perfect and it all fishes great.  As you can see today we have done the right thing.  Stay tuned and come fishing, it was a lot slower last year at this time, so I have a good feeling this is going to be another great year of fishing as long as the conditions stay like they are.  Until next time, keep the lines tight and the attitudes positive, and we will have much fun this year…..Captain Matt

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owner/operator of Northwind charters ocean sport fishing.