Fish report 7.31.12 thru 8.9.12

On 7.31.12 Steve and crew had limits of salmon for his six anglers. 8.1.12 limits of salmon for Eugene D., and Richard and his crew of three. 8.2.12 Marshall and his friend, and Joe S. had limits of salmon. 8.3.12 Wes V. and his crew of six had limits of salmon by 8:45 am. 8.4.12 Tony and Erica H., and there full boat party had limits of salmon. 8.5.12 Three parties of two people: Jason and Jack, Andy and Jim, and Mark and Mark had limits of salmon. 8.6.12 Tom P., and friend and Chris K. and his son had a combo trip that could only be described as excellent fishing.  They had limits of rock fish, limits of ling cod, limits of salmon, and two halibut 40 and 51 lbs!  that doesn’t happen very often but that could be considered a hat trick folks! 8.8.12 Jim H., Joe A., JT A., Cameron, Cathy and Doug F., had limits of salmon. 8.9.12 Nya H., and his ten year old son Kai., and Dale and Scott S. all had limits of salmon by 8am.  Fishing remains good with a couple slower days in the mix. However, we are still managing to get limits of salmon on a regular basis.  Thanks to every one of our anglers, you all did an exceptional job!  Thanks Lisa.

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