Fish report 09.10.12

Weather is bad for the next few days.  Gale force winds and big swell will be here for a few days.  Thursday looks like the next best day for halibut fishing.  Friday looks like tuna day, however we will have to check and see where the water lies.  I have tuna fever, and we will be running for those guys as the weather and water dictate.  The boat is all maintenance up, I just changed the oil and filters, fixed a few small things that were bothering me and now “Fishy Business” is 100 percent ready for anything.  I will look at the sea surface temps tonight and report on where it is tomorrow.  Everyone think tuna.  Maybe the water will get close enough for us to run for them.  Until tomorrow, tight lines my friends, captain Matt——







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owner/operator of Northwind charters ocean sport fishing.