Fish report 05.29.13

Today was a scratchy day.  Every one had a hard day from losing down rigger balls to crab pots to missed bites.  I showed up to the boat and found that one of my down riggers was fried, o we had only one down rigger and the rest of the rods were deep sixes.  Only four today with one very green person the whole day.  We still managed to catch five of the eight fish we needed.  Then a trip to the marine store for a couple of new down riggers that will be installed tomorrow.  Looks like seas are going to keep us off the water for a few days and then back at it.  I have some open spaces, so call and see what is available.  There were whales today, about six that I counted and that is the first that I have seen that many.  It feels like the salmon are going to really crack wide open as soon as we get around this squally weather, and the north west wind settles in.  Some days are wide open then we have a south wind and the very next day is scratchy.  So, the fish are here just need some regularity in the conditions.  Talk to you all next time I am out, Cheers, Captain Matt……

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owner/operator of Northwind charters ocean sport fishing.