Fish report 05.12. and 05.13.13

So Sunday we had an incredible day.  After getting limits of salmon we halibut fished, and our first of three halibut was 74lbs. We had two others at 35 and 25.  Monday we were going to try another combo trip , but the salmon took us all day to get because we had a sea lion problem, the worst I have ever seen.  Here are a few photos of the last couple days.  I am off  today the 14th and 15th so I can take care of some business on land, but right back on the water Thursday for more fishing action.  The salmon come fast some days and slower some others.  I suspect that they are going to break wide open here in just a few weeks.  We still have limit style fishing but it may take the whole day.  Halibut as you can see are around, and rock-fish is getting ready to open up.  Call me up and let’s get on these fish.  Next year we are going to have a quota style halibut fishery, so this will be the last year of  getting all we want.  What I mean, is that there will be a poundage quota, and as it stands right now that quota is low.  also we will most likely be lumped into area 2A, that is Washington, Oregon and Northern California down to horse mountain. Until next time, keep your lines tight and your attitude positive, captain Matt…….

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owner/operator of Northwind charters ocean sport fishing.