Fishing May 15, 17

So, the ocean conditions have been horrible recently. We have not gotten out yet, however, not just ocean conditions kept us in the two days that we could have run, a big boat project that has taken a bit longer has. We are now putting the finishing touches on it, and are ready to go fishing!! Man, am I ever ready to go fishing! Pacific halibut will remain open through the month of May and the first two weeks of June. That’s right for more weeks! So let’s get you guys on the books now! Book the boat and we can do a combo trip if you want. Ok, let’s go people, we are fishing aren’t we? Cheers, Matt and Lisa

Season opens in a few days!

May 1st. approaches and Pacific halibut is first up, followed by bottom fish and salmon. Call now for your seat on “Fishy Business” 707.616.5238wpid-71lb-halibut.jpg.jpeg

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Fish report for May 19th.

We have been enjoying a great whale show while fishing for salmon; that is up until yesterday as the whales have moved out.  The salmon keep filtering in and we can usually grind out limits or close to limits.  Combo trips to the cape are providing great action as of right now on rockfish and lingcod.  Here are a couple of shots of the previous days of action!20150519_171234 20150519_132530 20150519_130511 20150517_110751Follow us on Face book as it is easier for me to keep up on posts there, and don’t forget to “Like” us!

Fish report 05.14.15

The two charter boats that were out yesterday found fish down at the eel river canyon.  There were whales playing around and a bunch of krill in the water, and the fish at the end of the day.  I had some people drop out because of an emergency, so I didn’t run today.  I have seats available and the fish are close to the cape right now, so combos are a good possibility!  Game on folks, so let’s get you on the boat and go get them!!! I will be posting more on my Facebook page then here on the site, so find me there and don’t forget to like the page!!   Cheers, Matt